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CN-107156088-A: 一种电动三轮车车载农药喷洒装置 patent, CN-107156605-A: 一种利用碱性电解水消降谷物中呕吐毒素的方法 patent, CN-107156683-A: 虫茶熏鸡的制备工艺 patent, CN-107156733-A: 一种白菜腌制品及其腌制方法 patent, CN-107157300-A: Novel fruit peeler patent, CN-107158670-A: Tennis racket and badminton racket automatic string drawing machine patent, CN-107158825-A: Rapping and ash-cleaning apparatus having thermal insulation structure patent, CN-107159357-A: Rice processing method capable of lowering broken rice rate patent, CN-107159758-A: 便于更换或拆卸上模的角钢加工辅助装置 patent, CN-107160255-A: Chamfering machine for valve corners patent, CN-107160258-A: Magnetic material product automatic stacking device and method patent, CN-107160614-A: Efficient screening device for O-shaped rings patent, CN-107162416-A: High aluminum-silica glass used as automobile laminated glass patent, CN-107162545-A: 一种环保加气混凝土板 patent, CN-107163150-A: Modified beta-cyclodextrin grafted nitrocellulose and preparation method thereof patent, CN-107163425-A: High weather resistant and high rigidity modified engineering plastic patent, CN-107165149-A: Installation method of packer patent, CN-107165997-A: Crank-rocker mechanism capable of being buffered on two sides of rocker swing angle patent, CN-107167097-A: Corner measurement device patent, CN-107167432-A: Method for measuring component content of bagged complex solution through multi-position modulated light source patent, EP-3258184-A1: Device for a building, in particular an indoor swimming pool, for exchanging moisture and heat patent, CN-107168448-A: A solar energy air conditioner control device, a solar energy air conditioner and a control method patent, CN-107169433-A: Streaming-media-based face recognition method patent, CN-107170298-A: Anti-collision system and anti-collision method of unmanned aerial vehicles patent, CN-107170602-A: 一种子母式控制开关系统 patent, CN-107171478-A: Mechanical sealing structure of submersible motor patent, CN-107172608-A: 具脱机运作的无线网络系统及其运作方法 patent, CN-107173288-A: Production method of new lines of pearl mussel with high secretion ability patent, CN-107173717-A: 一种牛肉鱼丸及其制备方法 patent, CN-107173850-A: Electric heating distillation type non-combustion cigarette patent, CN-107173967-A: 一种高效易清理卷发梳及其使用方法 patent, CN-107174506-A: Adjustable back slapping massage device patent, CN-107176102-A: Intelligent safety type rearview mirror and working method thereof patent, CN-1071779-A: Multi-function multi-colour electronic luminous character patent, CN-107178235-A: Carrying equipment based on guide rail operation patent, CN-107178683-A: 一种供热管道用保温装置 patent, CN-107179938-A: 一种信息安全技术竞赛攻防环境自动部署方法 patent, CN-107180198-A: 一种企业信息安全管理方法 patent, CN-107180331-A: 一种基于互联网的个体间竞争方法及系统 patent, CN-107180912-A: Piezoelectric ceramic stacked structure and piezoelectric-type sensor patent, CN-107182617-A: New energy greenhouse patent, CN-107183663-A: Beef and assorted vegetable chili sauce and making method thereof patent, CN-107183707-A: Composition with blood glucose reducing function and preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-107184068-A: 一种挡光篷布片 patent, CN-107184211-A: 一种基于fpga的多频电阻抗成像装置 patent, CN-107184802-A: 一种预防慢性心力衰竭的中药及其制备方法 patent, CN-107184855-A: 用于治疗风邪犯肺所致鼻衄的中药复方制剂及制备方法 patent, CN-107185205-A: 一种带有附加吸盘件的武术健身用训练器材安装底座 patent, CN-107185583-A: VPO/SBA-15 catalyst and preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-107185728-A: 一种赤铁矿分选用的能够连续排矿的立式离心选矿机 patent, CN-107186447-A: Machining method for bearing steel balls patent, CN-107187413-A: 座椅安全带卷收器总成 patent, CN-107188054-A: Cantilever crane and using method thereof patent, CN-107188341-A: 一种具有消毒过滤功能的废水处理装置 patent, CN-107188522-A: 一种磷酸盐水泥防火涂料及其制备方法 patent, CN-107189094-A: 一种较高回弹力的快速接头密封圈制备方法 patent, CN-107189970-A: Pseudomoas umsongensis YC1612 for producing halohydrin dehalogenases and application and preparing method thereof patent, CN-107190088-A: Kit for detecting HLA genotypes through fluorescent PCR melting curve assay patent, CN-107190572-A: 一种改善发动机能耗与排放的机油滤清器 patent, CN-107190601-A: Vehicle emergency refuge device patent, CN-107190734-A: 用于路桥建修施工的路基支承桩 patent, CN-107192481-A: 一种基于侧向场激励剪切波模式的fbar微压力传感器 patent, CN-107192811-A: 一种大变形全密闭的水平潜蚀可视化测量装置 patent, CN-107192838-A: 一种布料破损检测装置 patent, CN-107193048-A: 一种隧道超前地质预报瞬变电磁响应的金属干扰消除方法 patent, CN-107194692-A: 一种获取动态二磁道信息的方法及终端 patent, CN-107195885-A: Carbon nanotube polymer lithium ion battery and preparation method thereof patent, CN-107196118-A: Symmetrical four-channel connector patent, CN-107196693-A: 通信数据的交互系统、通信系统、控制方法及存储介质 patent, CN-107197342-A: 一种数据处理方法、智能终端、vr设备及存储介质 patent, CN-107197584-A: 一种游艇静电及漏电的综合防护系统 patent, CN-107197764-A: 一种君子兰的温室栽培方法 patent, CN-107198584-A: Drilling and limiting stabilizer for broken residues of central screws of implants patent, CN-107198668-A: Extract of antioxidant component in camellia oleifera seed peels as well as extraction method and application of extract patent, CN-107199682-A: All-steel radial tyre tread mouth-shaped plate patent, CN-107199782-A: Ink supply system of printer patent, CN-107199934-A: 共享单车集中投放运输车 patent, CN-107200117-A: Aircraft with retreating-type loading and unloading device patent, CN-107200446-A: Method for removing trace chromium in aluminum alloy sludge and simultaneously recycling aluminum product patent, CN-107200693-A: A crystallization method of beta-alanine patent, CN-107200895-A: Polyethylene fresh-keeping film suitable for storing fresh rhizoma gastrodiae and application of polyethylene fresh-keeping film in storage and fresh-keeping patent, CN-107201636-A: 一种电熨斗 patent, CN-107202275-A: Lamp special for reverberation room patent, CN-107202637-A: Multi-parameter measurement device of combustion flames patent, CN-107203759-A: Line-by-line recursive road reconstruction algorithm based on two-view geometry patent, CN-107204119-A: Signal lamp array driving control method of intelligent electronic police passing control system patent, CN-107204199-A: Semiconductor memory deivce and accessing method thereof patent, CN-107206311-A: 通过co2浓度监控空气干燥器 patent, CN-107206961-A: Blocking member support structure for gas generator and gas generator using same patent, CN-107207983-A: Use of a lubricating composition patent, CN-107209489-A: 无人机及其状态监控方法、状态监控系统、状态监控装置 patent, CN-107209580-A: Action based identity identification system and method patent, CN-107209684-A: 有助于对被保护资源的扫描 patent, CN-107209715-A: 文件数据访问方法和计算机系统 patent, CN-107209755-A: Method for converting a binary data stream patent, CN-107209803-A: 用于分布连续葡萄糖数据的系统和方法 patent, CN-107210481-A: 非水性电解质组合物 patent, CN-107212068-A: Double-cold modified atmosphere packaging fresh-keeping method for prolonging fresh period of pork patent, CN-107212141-A: Herbal tea patent, CN-107212301-A: Automatic material applying device used for edible chicken cutlets patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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